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2020 vs 2022 Two very different bears

It goes without saying that protective strategies need to work in bear markets – but a review of three traditionally defensive strategies during the past two major drawdowns shows very
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Want to keep your dividends but reduce risk?

As market returns trend lower, many investors are waking up to the underlying risk in their portfolios. In recent years as interest rates have marched steadily towards zero, investors who
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Ready to eat dividends?

Australian equities are likely to underperform the world market over the next five years, according to the Blackrock Investment Institute. Local market returns are expected to average 4.5% over these
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Can dividends deliver outperformance?

It’s no secret that Australian investors love their dividends. But recent Morningstar research has found that a portfolio of higher dividend-paying shares actually meaningfully outperforms over the long term. But
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Income Efficiency – increasing yield whist minimising risk

Meagre yields from cash/bonds have left many investors reducing their usual weights to these defensive assets insearch of more acceptable returns. Investors have been pushed further along the risk curve
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Pfizer’s jab costs $35… versus $3 for AstraZeneca’s. Sound fair?

When receiving my jab last month (thankyou nurses at RBWH in Brisbane for your excellent care!) I couldn’t help wondering how much all these vaccines were costing. From a purely
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Vale David Swensen – Lessons from a pioneer of Endowment investing

Legendary but perhaps lesser-known investor David Swensen passed away earlier this month. Mr Swensen had been the CIO of the Yale University Endowment since 1985 – so over 35 years
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US dividends may get a boost from Biden tax plan

US shares have rarely been high on an income investor’s wishlist, with average dividend yields for the S&P 500 Index meaningfully trailing the ASX 200 Index and other markets for
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Protection finally cheaper just as markets push higher

With markets testing new all-time highs, volatility is finally starting to decline with the VIX Index recently touching post-Covid lows, closing near 16 on Friday. This is good news for
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Wheelhouse Global Equity Income Fund added to BT Wrap and BT Panorama platforms

The flagship fund of Australian-based specialist income manager Wheelhouse Partners, the Wheelhouse Global Equity Fund, is now available to Australian retail investors through the BT Wrap and BT Panorama platforms.
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