Target Volatility ~ 8%pa & Target Total Return 8%+pa

The Fund is managed with a risk targeted approach, designed to deliver consistent positive absolute returns over rolling five-year periods. The fund has a volatility (risk) target around 8% or lower and targets a total return of 8%+.

The Fund owns a portfolio of global listed securities and option exposures providing investors access to alternative sources of return outside of traditional assets such as equities or fixed income and as a result, a return profile that is intended to be less capital growth dependent than a traditional equity portfolio.

The fund also has access to the risk management and investment expertise of Wheelhouse who adopt investment techniques that may not be available to all investors.

What to expect from Alternatives

“Alternative investments” refers to a group of investments distinguished from long-only investments in equites, bonds and cash.  These investments are generally referred to as “traditional investments”.

Alternative investments include such assets as listed equity, private equity, derivatives, real estate, private credit and commodities among other investments.  A key distinguishing aspect of  Alternative investments is they can include non-traditional approaches to investing in traditional assets, importantly providing investors access to an alternative source of investment returns.

This alternative risk premia can be found embedded within traditional assets. We seek to target this different risk premia and utilising our expertise to re-shape the return profile of this traditional asset and target a set level of risk.

What to expect from an Allocation to Alternatives:
  • Unique source of returns – not Beta driven
  • Risk/Return – a profile that is between Equities and Fixed Income
  • Enhance Portfolio Risk Management – low co-variance to other strategies
  • Provide Portfolio Diversification – low co-variance to other strategies
  • Consistency – repeatable process and outcomes
  • Competitive fee structure and no performance fee


Wheelhouse Global - sitting in the right spot

Solid risk/return outcomes
A positive impact to a stock/bond portfolio

The chart below highlights the diversification benefits of a 15% allocation to Wheelhouse Global, alongside a range of Vanguard traditional risk profiled portfolios for the period outlined (since common inception).

VDCO: Vanguard Diversified Conservative Option (10/90)

VDBA: Vanguard Diversified Balanced Option (50/50)

VDGR: Vanguard Diversified Growth Option (70/30)

VDHG: Vanguard Diversified High Growth Option (90/10)