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Global experience, local focus.

Two Funds - two different risk objectives

Our two funds have very different risk targets and are designed to play different roles within a portfolio.

Wheelhouse Global

Diversified global alternative strategy with an absolute return objective

Targeted risk: 8% volatility or less

Total Return1

Targets ~8%+ returns


Absolute return focused


Seeks regular income


Diversified protection

Wheelhouse Australian

Australian income strategy designed to outperform and capture twice the fully franked dividends of the S&P/ASX200 Index.

Targeted risk: full market exposure (similar to S&P/ASX200 Index)

Targets Benchmark outperformance

Focused on after-tax returns

Seeks regular income

No style bias

Investor profile

Total return or income orientated

Overall portfolio role

Enhance the risk/return total portfolio outcomes through a differentiated and consistent source of return.

Asset allocation

Alternatives and/or global equities

Investor profile

Income orientated

Overall portfolio role

Deliver tax effective income with an overall outperformance objective.

Asset allocation

Core Australian equities 

How We Invest

We rely on broad market indices to gain equity exposure for our Global and Australian strategies and perform no fundamental stock research internally. We then apply our specialist expertise is derivative overlays to reshape the return profile to a specific risk (volatility) target and seek to maximise risk-adjusted returns.

We recognise that risk tolerance is different for every investor, whether they be in retirement or just starting their working life. Our suite of funds target a range of risk objectives and are targeted to suit everyone’s appetite for risk.

Disclaimers relating to the research ratings from Zenith and Lonsec Research can be found here.

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