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Global experience, local focus.

The Wheelhouse Story

We are an independent, specialised investment firm established in 2017. The team originally comprised three experienced investment professionals with over 100 cumulative years in the industry, gained from working with some of the world’s leading investment firms.

The firm is based in Brisbane and was established to provide investors with a unique and differentiated investment capability – risk targeted investing

Our team comprises three partners: Alastair MacLeod, Sam Jacob and Andrew MacLeod.

We have two investment strategies, each with its own risk-targeted objectives: Wheelhouse Global and the Wheelhouse Australian Enhanced Income Fund.

Our Investment Beliefs

Our investment beliefs reflect the varied and diverse backgrounds of the three principals, spread across different regions and a variety of major traditional and alternative asset classes.

We believe there are well established and repeatable sources of excess market return, that can offer improved risk adjusted returns versus simply owning traditional asset exposures. 

These risk premia can be found embedded within traditional assets or can be harvested from alternative asset exposures.  We seek to target these different sources of risk premia depending upon the risk objectives of the strategy.


Our Team

Managing Director and Portfolio Manager

Chief Information Officer

Portfolio Manager

Why Wheelhouse

Risk targeted

Designed to deliver more stable and predictable investment outcomes over time – no surprises!

Index based

Underlying equity exposures are based on broad, diversified indexes that target specific factors (such as quality or franked dividends).  We do not select individual securities.

Alternative sources of return

The ‘engine-room’ of all our strategies are systemic overlays that target alternative risk premia such as the Volatility Risk Premium, a consistently positive of return that falls outside of traditional asset risk premia.

What we're not

Market timers

We do not believe in the folly of short-term forecasting. We rely on established risk premia generating returns over time and we simply seek to target and capture these returns.

Value or Growth based

Within our Index selection we seek to avoid large biases to Value or Growth. We may target other factors (such as Quality) but seek to do so with Value/Growth neutrality.

Short-term option traders

Our risk management speciality is based on an extensive understanding of the options market and the ability this provides to control risk and target alternative sources of return. We do not seek to profit from short-term directional views.

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