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Wheelhouse completes independent structure, announces new partners

Australian-based specialist income manager Wheelhouse Partners (Wheelhouse) today completed its transition to its new independent structure following recently agreed terms for its executives to acquire Bennelong Funds Management’s stake in
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The debate (or fight) over tail risk hedging

Alastair MacLeod of Wheelhouse Partners appeared on ausbiz to comment on a very public spat between two financial market heavyweights – and who’s right in the debate about the merits
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Wheelhouse pursues independent growth

Bennelong Funds Management (Bennelong) and Wheelhouse Investment Partners (Wheelhouse) have agreed for Wheelhouse executives to acquire Bennelong’s stake in the Australian boutique manager after a successful three-year partnership. Under its
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Is it time to consider a buy-write strategy?

Alastair MacLeod of Wheelhouse Partners explains how buy-write strategies, one of the most basic forms of derivatives, can add value in a low-growth environment.
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Volatility – precursor to bear market, or correction?

Watch this interview with Alastair MacLeod of Wheelhouse Partners, appearing on YourMoney, to hear his views on: Whether current volatility is a portent to a bear market, or the correction we’ve
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Lack of market liquidity leading to increased volatility

Alastair MacLeod, Managing Director of Wheelhouse Investment Partners, joins the Sky News Business team to discuss the reasons behind increasing market volatility, including the impact of the US corporate buyback
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What would a market fall mean for retirees?

Alastair MacLeod, Managing Director of Wheelhouse Investment Partners, appears on ABC News to discuss the potential signs of a market fall and what this could mean for retirees.
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