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Systematic alternative income specialists.

Wheelhouse manages risk-targeted strategies that rely on alternative income as a source of real return and risk management.

Wheelhouse Global

Global absolute return

Seeks regular income

Proven tail risk defense

Absolute return focused

Targets low volatility of <8% pa

Wheelhouse Australian

Australian alpha-seeking

Seeks regular income

Capital growth

Alpha seeking

Targets risk equivalent to Australian equities

At Wheelhouse, we take an alternative path.

How are we different?

Our speciality is targeting consistent and stable risk exposures across a variety of strategies. Through prioritising risk management, we seek to remove ‘surprises’ and deliver consistently superior risk-adjusted returns.

To achieve this, we seek to exploit well established sources of return from both traditional and alternative exposures. Income generation plays an important role is delivering a more certain investment return. Our specialisation in systematic income-generative overlays, which seek to add an alternate source of return (received option premium), assists with both real-return generation and reducing risk.

We recognise that risk tolerance is different for every investor, whether they be in retirement or just starting their working life. Our suite of funds target a range of risk objectives and are designed to suit everyone’s appetite for risk. 

Experts at Risk-targeting

What is Risk-Targeting Investing?

A risk-targeted approach to investing as the name suggests targets an explicit level of risk. The main aim is to control the level of risk investors are exposed to over the long term. As such, the fund will be constructed with the goal of delivering maximum level of returns for the specific level of risk-targeted.

The manager will adjust the fund’s profile in a bid to ensure that the level of risk, or volatility, it’s exposed to remains within its set target range. Investors will know the fund will always remain within a guideline risk range – the fund can’t take on more or less risk to the portfolio.

Trusted and Experienced

Our Team

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