Income investing, with protection.
That’s all we do.

How are we different?

At Wheelhouse, we hate surprises. We aim to deliver a very predictable return profile, with high income generation and ‘always-on’ capital protections that seek to halve portfolio risk. These objectives reflect an extremely goals-based approach, that targets a specific income objective of 7-8% per year. We have a proven track record in consistently achieving this through specialist expertise in overlaying equities with systematic, rules-based option positions that aim to increase income, reduce risk, and deliver an outsized return for a given unit of risk.

7-8% income yield

We seek alternate yield sources (option premium) that diversify the portfolio’s income stream away from dividend reliance.

Capital growth

The portfolio’s capital base is expected to grow over time (and not be eroded), thereby aligning income growth with inflation.

Proven tail risk defense

‘Always-on’ protective tail hedge limits losses, keeping capital intact and providing a sound base for future income generation.

An Experienced Team

Who we are

Established in partnership in March 2017, the team comprises three experienced investors (L-R), Principals: Andrew MacLeod (Trader/Analyst), Alastair MacLeod (Managing Director and Portfolio Manager) and Sam Jacob (Chief Information Officer).

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