Income investing for the long run.
That’s all we do.

Targets Income with protection

7-8% income yield

Proven tail risk defense

Absolute return focused

Targets 7-8% income from Global equities, while only assuming half the market risk.

Targets Income with growth

7-8% income yield

Capital growth

Alpha seeking

Targets 7-8% income from Australian equities (including franking), plus some growth, while assuming full market risk.

How are we different?

At Wheelhouse, we hate surprises. Delivering a reliable income stream alongside a predictable return profile is a key objective of everything we do.

We have consistently achieved this through specialising in systematic income-generative overlays, which seek to add an alternate source of yield (received option premium) to equity portfolios.

We also recognise that risk tolerance is different for every investor, whether they be in retirement or just starting their working life. Our funds are designed to suit everyone who also values the importance of regular, reliable income generation in the creation and maintenance of wealth.

An Experienced Team

Who we are

Established in partnership in March 2017, the team comprises three experienced investors (L-R), Principals: Andrew MacLeod (Trader/Analyst), Alastair MacLeod (Managing Director and Portfolio Manager) and Sam Jacob (Chief Information Officer).

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