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Risk targeting specialists

Navigating markets with a risk first approach

At Wheelhouse we take a different approach

Our core expertise, or wheelhouse, is the delivery of risk targeted investment strategies where the risk objective always comes first. The goal is to achieve a more consistent and predictable return profile, or as we like to say, “No surprises”.

The approach recognises that different investors have varying risk tolerances and preferences. Some investors are more risk averse and prioritise capital preservation, while others are more willing to accept more risk in the pursuit of higher returns.

We target proven and repeatable sources of risk premia, from both traditional and alternative markets, in order to ‘reshape’ and maximise returns around a central risk objective.

Meet our team

Established in 2017, our team of dedicated and passionate investors has over 100 cumulative years of international experience in equity and derivative markets.

We stick to our wheelhouse, staying disciplined and focused on where our skills and experience lie.

We believe that our culture of collaboration and innovation allows us to stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients with the best possible investment solutions.

Learn more about our funds

Wheelhouse Global

Diversified global alternative strategy with an absolute return objective

Targeted risk: 8% volatility or less

Total Return1

Targets ~8%+ returns


Absolute return focused


Seeks regular income


Diversified protection

Wheelhouse Australian

Australian income strategy designed to outperform and capture twice the fully franked dividends of the S&P/ASX200 Index.

Targeted risk: full market exposure (similar to S&P/ASX200 Index)

Targets Benchmark outperformance

Focused on after-tax returns

Seeks regular income

No style bias

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