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Wheelhouse Australian Enhanced Income Fund


The Wheelhouse Australian Enhanced Income Fund seeks to deliver a 7-8% real income return (including enhanced franking), plus capital growth, while assuming full market risk (targeted beta of 1.0).

APIR code
S&P/ASX200 Franking Credit Adjusted Daily Total Return Index (Tax-Exempt)
Portfolio manager
Alastair MacLeod and Andrew MacLeod
Reporting currency
Australian dollar
Stock range
Cash limit
Max 10%, although this is expected to be zero due to gearing
Client objective
Income and growth
Investment team
Wheelhouse Partners
Buywrite overlay with tail protection
Research Ratings
Responsible Entity
The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited (Perpetual) AFSL 23510 Level 18 Angel Place, 123 Pitt St, Sydney NSW
Recommended investment period
Long term (minimum five years)
Inception date
9th March 2021
Fees and charges
Management fee: 1.20% p.a. (including GST net of reduced input tax credits) There is no performance fee Other expenses and indirect costs may also apply. Please refer to the PDS for more information.
Investment amount
Initial investment minimum: $10,000
Withdrawal minimum: $5,000
Subject to the Responsible Entity’s absolute discretion
Target Market Determination (TMD)
RG240 Disclosure
Key Risks
All investments are subject to risk which means the value of investments may rise or fall, which means that you may receive back less than your original investment or you may not receive targeted income. The key risks associated with investing in the Fund include liquidity risk, investment risk, credit and default risk, credit margin risk, investment strategy risk, related party risk, legal and regulatory risk (amended as required). Refer to section 7 of the PDS for a comprehensive summary of potential risks.


April 2023

 1 mnth3 mnths6 mnths1 yr2 yrs (pa)Since inception p.a
Total Income0.04%3.11%4.85%12.19%11.74%11.18%
Total Fund Return1.74%(0.09%)7.75%0.30%6.25%7.76%

Performance figures are net of fees and expenses and include 30 basis point exit spread. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Inception date is 9 March 2021. Gross franking value used (0% tax). 

Benchmark: S&P/ASX 200 Franking Credit Adjusted Daily Total Return Index (Tax-Exempt)

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Distribution Information

March 21, 2023 Distribution CPU
CUM distribution price
Ex distribution exit price
Ex distribution NAV price

Distribution Timetable

CUM prices available
11th April 2023
CPU distribution rate available
12th April 2023
Ex prices available
12th April 2023
Payment of cash distribution
17th April 2023
Distribution statements sent to unitholders
17th April 2023


The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited ABN 45 003 278 831 AFSL 235 150 (Perpetual) is the responsible entity for Wheelhouse Global Equity Income Fund ARSN 621 200 119 and Wheelhouse Australian Enhanced Income Fund ARSN 645 749 131 (Trusts). This website is prepared by Wheelhouse Investment Partners Pty Ltd ABN 26 618 156 200 (Manager) as the investment manager of the Trusts. Wheelhouse Investment Partners Pty Ltd , AFSL 541328.

The information provided in this website is of a general nature only and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making an investment decision in respect of the Trust, you should consider the current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of the Trusts.

Neither Perpetual nor the Manager guarantee repayment of capital or any particular rate of return from the Trusts. Neither Perpetual nor the Manager gives any representation or warranty as to the reliability, completeness or accuracy of the information contained in this website. All opinions and estimates included in this website constitute judgements of the Manager as at the date of this website and are subject to change without notice. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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